Help Jamaica! X Paint Jamaica - Charity Calendar 2017

Help Jamaica! X Paint Jamaica Charity Calendar 2017

About Help Jamaica! 
HELP Jamaica! e.V. is a registered non-profit organization founded in 2008 in Germany. Our primary goal is to raise funds in order to support and conduct educational and empowering projects in deprived Jamaican communities.  The projects are designed to enhance the self-esteem of young people, to support children and youths in their personal development, to help them discover and develop various talents and practical skills. We aim to inspire children and young adults to learn and practice tolerance in social relationships, to develop interpersonal and social skills, a caring attitude, responsibility, which will thus improve, uplift and unite communities. In February 2011 we opened an Education Center in Cassava Piece, Kingston 8. The facility is open from Monday to Friday from 9am – 8pm and enjoys great support with an average daily attendance of 50-100 children and 20-60 adults. Part of the Center is a library which is equipped with computers and wireless internet access. The Center offers a wide range of educational and creative courses and services ranging from a professional Homework Assistance Center, Art and Craft as well as classes in Mathematics, English, Spanish and Social Studies. Caring staff helps young people and adults to improve their skills and to prepare them for the important tests on the Caribbean Examination Council (CXC) level. The daily computer courses are HEART Trust certified and effectively bringing successful participants into employment.  Besides supporting the Education Center in Cassava Piece, HELP Jamaica! will start working on new projects with new partners like Paint Jamaica & Manifesto Jamaica in 2017. 
Help us to build a better Jamaica - together we can make a difference!
Education, Empowerment & Art For A Change!
About Paint Jamaica 
Paint Jamaica is a grassroots organization and an art initiative born in July 2014 out of the idea that art can fuel positive social change. For the first time in Jamaica, various creatives (painters, illustrators, photographers, videographers etc) have teamed together to transform the visual landscape of downtown Kingston. The project was largely crowdfunded and has led to what has become the largest street art space in the Caribbean- on Fleet St, a marginalized area of downtown Kingston.  This act, of communities opening their walls to accept something new, revitalizes the people and streets of inner city communities and promotes sustainable growth as everyone involved learns to take action. Fleet St, in Parade Gardens, has been a neglected area for years. Today it has attracted over 300 visitors from 30+ countries and has helped develop a platform for local collective Life Yard to grow into an entrepreneurial & progressive eco-friendly business.
Talented individuals rolled in from all over Kingston, Paint Jamaica thus grew and evolved into a movement of democratic art and as a true community project, engaging volunteers of all backgrounds including the residents. Paint Jamaica’s dream is to cover the entire downtown area with art, bringing pride and positive vibes to as much Jamaicans as possible. Providing new platforms for local artists to display their work and thus, highlighting Jamaica’s rich creative potential and talent. More art, more love, more unity, more progress. #openyourwalls
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